Membership has it's privileges.

Once you are a member of The actors Alliance Studio you will have available to you an assortment of valuable resources to put your talent in the path of opportunity. We will have private audition sessions for you with Casting Directors, Talent Agents and Managers.

We will also offer our members numerous professional on camera classes for commercials and film with casing agents, talent agents, managers and film producers as guests to put you in direct contact with excellent opportunity. To read more specifics about all of our classes, click here.

To become a member: All actors are required to pass an audition. You are evaluated by your audition and ability not training. Actors must have a contemporary (no longer than two minutes) monologue, be prepared to do a short improvisation and a short meeting.

All actors must have a picture and resume with them. If you are accepted there will be a one time $60 annual registration fee. This fee is to be paid in cash on the day of the audition if accepted. Individual audition sessions and class schedules will be posted on our members board.

Slots are limited so be sure to sign up. For prices and specifics go to our classes section.

Why Actors Alliance Studio?
....Because we are a studio founded by ACTORS for ACTORS and we guarantee
your best interests are our priority. The guests we bring to the studio for you are PERSONAL friends of our staff. We make sure all of our guests are here for the sole purpose of finding and meeting new talent.

We do not promise employment or representation....but we do promise a place for your real talent to meet with real opportunity!

All actors alliance members are expected to conduct themselves in a professional, responsible and courteous manner.

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