Kids Performance and
Audition Intensive

Kids Class (ages 8 to 12 ) 11:00-2:00 pm
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Class Description:
These six innovative and fun classes will cover improvisation, performance for commercials and audition technique and performance for television and film. We will be teaching our actors how to work within the material while at the same time trusting instincts and being comfortable in front of the camera and on stage.
Each two week course will be taught by top professionals and will end with a showcase with a talent agent and top casting agent as guests. Each showcase will be followed by a question and answer session as well as a notes session for the actors on their work.

Weeks one and two:

This two week program will be focused on getting the actor trusting his or her instincts, being in the “moment” and working off and with other actors. We will be doing exercises to free up the body and imagination. This class will provide a foundation to getting the actor comfortable and ready for camera. The second half of the second class will end with a showcase for top industry guests.

Weeks three and four:

The On Camera commercial course will focus on copy interpretation, performance and improvisation with copy to find the choices that best suit the material.

Weeks five and six:

This two week course takes the actor through the audition and call back process. Each actor will be given a scene or two short scenes from a television series or screenplay. The scene will be read cold then the actor will be given notes and adjustments. The actor will then have the week to rehearse the scene with there partner and for the second class the scene will be rehearsed on camera then performed for our industry guests.

The goal is for our actors to grow and explore and be given the opportunity to get exposure to top industry people.

Class fee: $450.00

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